Volunteer at Pacific Christian Senior Services

Volunteer at Pacific Christian Senior ServicesWe are seeking volunteers who understand the value of giving back to the community. By volunteering with us, you will sense the joy and satisfaction of caring for others while creating new friendships. Spread God’s compassion to our residents, and share your interests as a service to others. To apply, fill out our application and volunteer with us today!


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Assist with Art & Crafts.
  • Aging Angels Companions. Become a friend to a resident – play games, read, go on outings.
  • Entertainment. Sing/play instruments.
  • Outdoor projects.
  • Building raised planter for residents.
  • Create Walking Paths.
  • Touch Up Painting.
  • Planting.
  • Dining Hall. Help serve meals.

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out our online volunteer application today!

Why volunteer?

Help the community and others. Helping others usually comes to mind first when people think of volunteers. But as you see when you read deeper in this list, their motives aren’t always this simple.

VolunteerIncrease self-esteem. Volunteering makes people feel better about themselves. Giving a few hours a week, or even a month, to an organization creates good feelings.

Help friends out. Friends are often the first people we turn to when we need help. Volunteering also can create a great way to get together with friends on a regular basis.

Make new friends. Volunteering is usually a social activity. People use this opportunity to meet interesting people who share their interests and values.

Try out a job. People considering a job in the nonprofit sector often discover that volunteering is a good way to get a peek at what happens on the inside.

Polish your resume. Adding volunteer experience to a resume shows a commitment to helping others or to working in a particular field.

Develop new skills. A volunteer job often gives people an opportunity to learn how to do something they didn’t know how to do.