Why Give

Why giveAs a nonprofit organization, we rely on the generosity of others to meet the changing needs of our growing elderly San Luis Obispo community. As this community grows, so does our vision of meeting those needs. Help us realize our mission of bringing the community the highest level of compassionate eldercare.

Giving TIME shows honor to our senior population. Opportunities to serve at a meal time, facilitate an activity, or sit and reminisce on the patio with some tea will be some of the most rewarding minutes of your life. To stand up in the presence of the aged and show to respect for the elderly is like chicken soup for the soul.

Giving TALENT is satisfying. By volunteering your talent, you will have 15 minutes of fame in return. Seriously, sharing your gifts to our awaiting audience allows you to utilize your uniqueness while blessings our residents by making their day more interesting.

Giving TITHE. According to 1 Timothy 5:3, we are to take care of widows who are indeed widows. Your financial gift will help support the $20,000/month In-Kind care we give to needy widows. Our Aging Angels program supports those whose retirement nest egg has depleted, making it impossible to make daily ends meet.

Ways to Give

From time to time a resident outlives their financial resources. Atascadero Christian Community’s ministry is to provide financial assistance for those residents so they can continue to live with us. ACC has set up Ageing Angels hat ladyprogram for this purpose. If you have the desire to help provide for continued care of our less fortunate residents, please contribute to our mission.

Worship Chapel
Our current chapel is only able to accommodate a small percentage of our elders. It is the desire of current and future residence to have a non-denominational home of worship. A chapel where the chaplain can provide spiritual counseling, services, and worship music.

All of these building projects need extensive underground work to bring out the necessary utilities. This is the greatest expense prior to building. Please consider a donation to our infrastructure building fund.

Tree of Life Memorials
Beautiful, handcrafted wood carving oak trees can be seen at both Atascadero Christian Community and Country Care Health Center. The leaves are engraved with names of donors, past and present residents, and their families in honor of their lives. You may purchase a leaf, which will provide a permanent memorial to a loved one.

Each leaf is engraved with “In memory of” and your loved one’s name.

Donation Engraved Leaves Levels:

  • Bronze Leaf—$100
  • Silver Leaf—$200
  • Gold Leaf—$500
  • Rock—$5000
  • Tree Trunk—$10,000

However you choose to give, we thank you for choosing Atascadero Christian Community and Pacific Christian Senior Services.